Productive Simplicity ?

After almost 4 decades of work experience, simplicity definitely is the ultimate productivity enabler for me !

Having spent most of my career in the electronics industry, it was time to do some different things bringing more personal satisfaction and fun. This site provides a summary of my remaining activities.


Creating loudspeakers has been kind of a life-time hobby. Initial creations were “crate-alike” but got better and better over time as expertise grew fast.


Almost 40 years of expertise in sales & account management. Add expertise in marketing, supply chain and sales operations and you get an idea.


Music had a major role in my childhood. At a later stage, my electronics background created my interest in audio equipment too for sure.

Loudspeaker Design

Loudspeaker technology hasn’t changed as much as expected.

Major improvements came from fine-tuning existing and proven concepts … even though it is virtually impossible to compete with esoteric products in the market, we can easily challenge the current bleutooth shoe-box designs keeping a few guiding principles in mind.







Business Consulting

Almost 40 years of expertise in sales, account & operations management.

Add expertise in marketing, pricing, business analysis and supply chain and you get the big picture.

Systems &

It takes quality systems and processes in order to have a quality operation in place. Processes also need to be well documented, communicated, understood AND applied. Systems like ERP, CRM and others should support your business … certainly not the other way around as often the case !

Motivation &

Eager to improve productivity ? Take a close look at communication inside your company. Quality communication is a proven motivation and productivity enabler ! Pro-active and targetted communication does make things move, actions accomplished and overall quality improved !

Organization &

Ad-hoc and / or emergency situations usually tell you all about your own team and their performance. If you see reluctancy to step into others job or responsability, something is wrong. Performance is the result of a team performing because they all feel where they are going and the promise behind.

Personal Interests

This site would not be complete without some personal interests and subject areas.

Personal interests that include music, audio equipment, pictures but also fun and some other things.






This site would not be complete without some fun … humor keeps you healthy and fun to others too !