Re-visited classics

Jerome REVON’s (tv producer, artist) design and art is easily recognized … also see my fully hand-crafted loudspeakers in his design studio !

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Revenue on time

Timely supplied also means earliest revenue. You easily understand the importance of a good supply chain securing customer satisfaction AND financial performance.

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Not a guitar !

The opposite is true ! Whereas cabinet and internal cavity of a guitar are used to amplify and shape it’s sound character, the cabinet of a loudspeaker should absolutely not !

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Little change

Progress was mainly made through fine-tuning of existing technology rather than any breakthrough revolution. Flat wire, neodymium magnets, etc.

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Customer satisfaction

Supply chain is all about solid processes and consistent timely execution ! The usual trap for organizations is to drop routine tasks and customer communication during a crisis.

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Room Influence

Reflections are THE major influencing factor when listening to music in any room or environment with objects around. Sound behaves like water put in movement.

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New challenge

Consulting high growth business management at Preformed Line Products France trying to optimize business and supply chain performance in a very fast growing company.

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Career history

A brief summary includes roles in sales, supply chain, marketing and operations at major companies like Diversey INC, Motorola, ON Semiconductor, Freescale and NXP.

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Mark Knopfler Live

A great surprise when my son Eef invited me to attended Mark Knopfler’s live performance at the Zenith in Paris !

Telegraph Road @ Zenith Paris
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Eagles in Antwerpen

Ronald & Reggie, my brother and his wife, invited me and Catherine, my wife, to join them to attend an Eagles (hotel california) concert in Antwerpen, Belgium.

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ON Semiconductor

A new adventure when Motorola Standard Components Group (SCG) became a standalone company and I became their global Pricing Processes & Systems Director.

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Dire Straits

Telegraph Road … a fantastic song written by Mark Knopfler with a great text behind the song ! Originally on the Dire Straits “Love Over Gold” album.

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Philips BX350A

My grand-parents Philips BX350A tube radio somehow started it all. Taking the speaker out building a new “crate” to make it sound so much better (it felt).

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