My electronics background was best invested at Motorola where i started as their Benelux distribution manager.

After moving to Toulouse in 1994, I ended up as Motorola’s EMEA Business Manager and at a later stage Global Director, Pricing, Processes & Systems.

Had a tremendous time and probably learned those things that drove my career from that point on.

Great collegues, a tremendous people and quality attitude and … true teamwork that drove the semiconductor sector to great successes.

At a later stage, the semiconductor sector got split into standard products (today ON Semiconductor) and proprietary high tech products (what became Freescale, currently part of NXP Semiconductor).

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No nonsense business leader and consultant, Willem brings 35+ years of industry expertise. Productive simplicity, curiocity and always moving upwards is what drives the majority of his accomplishments. Expertise, highly analytical, includes sales management, marketing, supply chain, business operations and continuous improvement.