Reality NO politics !

I have appreciated your enthusiasm, perseverance and professionalism in the responsibilities you had.

All that in those companies that were ours during 30 years and more … may it be in roles being “my partner” in the different roles I carried, or being a direct precious collaborator in all those years.

You always questioned yourself and drove your contribution during the huge evolution our companies went through, Motorola then Freescale and finally NXP.

Your handling of client management systems, service or sales administration always allowed me to fulfil my missions with punctuality, always on time, integrity and excellence.

I particularly appreciated your loyalty and your pugnacity defending the “reality” versus “politics”, always staying professional and innovative to progress our activities.

Thanks Willem for the many years we worked together.

You have been a precious collegue and friend, thanks for that.


Pierre Bernoux, EMEA Sales Operations Director