Supply chain and customer satisfaction is all about solid processes !

The usual trap for organizations is to drop timely execution of routine tasks and customer communication during a crisis period.

This is not the right thing to do … in fact, during crisis, you can really establish a customer link and long term relationship.

My whitepaper for solid execution:

  • Extremely fast order entry execution ( ≤24 hrs if manual, best EDI, etc).
  • Initial supply date communicated to customer ( ≤ 1 ww).
  • Revised supply date, in case of hiccups, communicated to customer ( ≤24 hrs).
  • Weekly supply and shortfall analysis (early warning) shared with customer enabling prioritisation and collaboration.
  • Regular shared meetings between all stakeholders, internal and external, to review scorecard and resolve issues. This likely requires a good scorecard or dashboard including key kpi’s like on time delivery etc.

Execution speed, data quality and consistency as well as transparency are key !

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