Focussed on result !

I know Willem for 1 year now and we are both in a EDI project for two customers in France.

The ERP system INFOR Visual must be setup to send/receive EDI messages. This is a mandatory requirement for 2 major customers of the company.

Willem represents the company and I represent the supplier of the ERP system. Willem is a driven and amiable person, he knows exactly what the goal is of his assignments and he sets the correct route(s) to get there, guiding and supporting the other members of the team in a very open and friendly way but always focussed on the end result.

I never met Willem in person but I can honestly say that we developed a open, honest and friendly relationship but at the same time fully focussed on the end result. I can really recommend Willem for interim consultancy jobs!

Hans SCHERRENBERG, Quartess Product Director & Co-Owner