Made major contribution !

Made a major contribution to our operations since Willem joined PLP France in March 2019.

PLP France is a young company, which started its business activity in January 2014 as a « greenfield » project. Since then, it grew up very fast, from 2 to 31 employees in 2021.

Its Supply Chain is quite complex, with many triangular flows, sourcing from 14 different countries and delivering in France, but also in quite a number of other countries.

Willem integrated well into our company and adapted easily to the rapid changes in our organization, dictated by the speed of growth and expansion of our activities.

Since the start, Willem made a major contribution to our Operations by setting up and improving the tools to use our ERP system more efficiently, and in establishing and training on the main policies and procedures.

Since then, Willem has enlarged his scope to other structuring projects, including the set up of EDI with major accounts. He strongly participated recently to the set up of our new Logistics Center. We benefited from his large experience, but he also learned fast when involved in areas out of his previous experience.

Willem has excellent analytical skills, and he regularly provides good advice to PLP France management. He is a real team player, helping the more junior colleagues to grow.

His good sense of humor contributes to maintain a good spirit in our company, despite the difficulties of our startup condition.

Bruno MAIANO, Preformed Line Products Managing Director