Business intelligence !

Key to success is closely related to business intelligence i.e. data but also detailed analysis.

When referring to business intelligence, it is basically a funny mix of two views of your business :

  1. High level business data, usually in graphical easy to view formats.
  2. Exception reporting, those specific cases that impact your business “above” or “below” generally observed cases or benchmarks.

In my career, i always wanted a crisp dashboard with below few typical bits and pieces you will also generally need (all samples contain fake data) :

BBB (book, bill, backlog) data … some history and a view of where you stand :

OTD (On Time Delivery) data … how did you perform towards what the customer requested to be delivered … but also compared to what you had committed to :

But also what were the major offenders :

Obviously, a lot more is feasible including detailled gap analysis between demand and supply, safety stock, forecast accuracy, you name them.