Design Win Pipeline

Continuous focus on identifying, and winning new opportunities is key to secure your business.

Design Win Pipeline management is a key activity to secure future revenue … face the fact your current business will reduce as products become obsolete, markets change, competitors out there and customers may close or walk away from you.

These are some key questions and inputs to always consider :

  • What is the opportunity out there and the expected revenue ?
  • Timing of the expected revenue … when, how long, how much ?
  • What is the margin you can reasonably expect ?

Product related :

  • Do i have a competitive product ?
  • If not, can i develop and at what cost ? Impact to margin ?
  • How far could / should i develop to not have prototypes “after the battle” !

Customer related :

  • What is my position at the customer, favorable ?
  • Who are the key influencers at the customer management ?
  • Who are the key technology deciders at the customer, anybody that would or could block you from getting in ?
  • How do the influencing people consider me / my company ?
  • How do i increase my chances key influencers may choose for my company / product … where do we need an action plan … at what level in customer organization and … who in my organization should match that relationship of influence.

A lot more is to be considered … but these are a starting point !