August 30, 2019.

The usual trap of many companies is trying to be refreshingly new, exciting, trend driven.

In many instances it results in being excessively complicated, wanting things perfectly planned, looking for a non achievable goal or target.

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top 100

August 03, 2019.

My most preferred songs in my music collection, you can listen here but not skip any of them.

This playlist will start with no-100 counting down to my absolute favorite no-1 of all times. It may change over time of course.

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alpe d’huez

July 31, 2019.

Spending a few weeks in the french Alps and posting some nice pictures.

We walked around a lot and started with those lakes north of the city … a wonderful place.

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just a flower

June 02, 2019.

Just walked in front of our garden when i decided to take a picture as it looked so natural yet beautiful at the same time. How many times do we walk in nature without even noticing the things around us and how special they can be … this was one of those moments.

35+ years of expertise

Almost 40 years of expertise in sales and account management.

Add to that expertise in marketing, pricing, supply chain and business operations and you have a quick picture of my expertise.

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Re-visited classics

Jerome REVON’s (tv producer, artist) design and art is easily recognized … also see my fully hand-crafted loudspeakers in his design studio !

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revenue on time

Timely supplied also means timely, so earliest, revenue.

You easily understand the importance of a good supply chain securing customer satisfaction AND financial performance.

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Not a guitar !

The opposite is true ! Whereas cabinet and internal cavity of a guitar are used to amplify and shape it’s sound character, the cabinet of a loudspeaker should absolutely not !

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Little change

Progress was mainly made through fine-tuning of existing technology rather than any breakthrough revolution. Flat wire, neodymium magnets, etc.

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Customer satisfaction

Supply chain is all about solid processes and consistent timely execution ! The usual trap for organizations is to drop routine tasks and customer communication during a crisis.

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Room Influence

Reflections are THE major influencing factor when listening to music in any room or environment with objects around. Sound behaves like water put in movement.

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new challenge

Consulting high growth business management at Preformed Line Products France.

Mission is to business and supply chain performance in a very fast growing company. Hopefully my expertise will help them to next level of performance. Time will tell !

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Typical Order Cycle

Order management at successful companies is typically known for having very tight rules and processes in place.

They also document a series of key in their ERP system … dates that allow the supply chain to be measurable and thus … ready for continuous improvement, too.

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Career history

A brief summary includes roles in sales, supply chain, marketing and operations at major companies like Diversey INC, Motorola, ON Semiconductor, Freescale and NXP.

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Sticky post

new goals

July 31, 2019.

After almost 40 years in the electronics industry, it was time to do some different things.

This site provides a summary of my remaining key activities, those that bring more personal satisfaction and fun.

no collaboration ?

Ever doubted why nobody get’s back to you ?

The real question is “what do they get from me IF THEY DO?” … collaboration starts with the simple willingness of a person or organization to help others and make a change by doing so.

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Mark Knopfler Live

A great surprise when my son Eef invited me to attended Mark Knopfler’s live performance at the Zenith in Paris !

Telegraph Road @ Zenith Paris
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eagles in antwerpen

Ronald & Reggie, my brother and his wife, invited me and Catherine, my wife, to join them to attend an Eagles (hotel california) concert in Antwerpen, Belgium.

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ON Semiconductor

A new adventure when Motorola Standard Components Group (SCG) became a standalone company

I became the ON Semiconductor EMEA Business & Services Manager, at a later stage global account director for Philips after the family move to Paris.

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My electronics background was best invested at Motorola where i started as their Benelux distribution manager.

After moving to Toulouse in 1994, I ended up as Motorola’s EMEA Business Manager and at a later stage Global Director, Pricing, Processes & Systems.

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Dire Straits

Telegraph Road … a fantastic song written by Mark Knopfler with a great text behind the song ! Originally on the Dire Straits “Love Over Gold” album.

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Philips BX350A

My grand-parents Philips BX350A tube radio somehow started it all. Taking the speaker out building a new “crate” to make it sound so much better (it felt).

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