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Business consulting …

powered by 35+ years electronics industry expertise !

Expertise includes sales & account management, marketing & pricing, supply chain & operations but most important … team motivation !

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Loudspeaker creation …

individual design, high performance, unbeatable value for money !

Initial creations were quite “crate-alike” but got better and better over time as expertise grew fast … from timeless classic to very modern.

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Personal interests …

like music and other things, sharing some things I feel worthwhile.

This personal TOP-100 playlist will start with No-100 counting down to my absolute favorite no-1 of all times.

Alpe d'Huez …

in the french Alps, enjoying some vacation.

Spending a few weeks walking around a lot, this is a wonderful place to visit.

Simplicity …

the biggest productivity influencing factor as far as I am concerned !

We sometimes forget it though … and many companies share a somewhat silly or excessive need for trendy change.

Just a flower …

in front of our garden discovered by surprise.

I decided to take a picture as it looked so natural yet beautiful at the same time.

Culemborg …

close to Utrecht, in the center of The Netherlands.

On a flash visit to see our daughter Kim, her husband Laurens and grand-son Roy !

Loudspeaker usages …

can vary a lot and are key to understand when developing !

Three typical usages area’s exist even though there are obviously many more.

Reworked classics …

but somehow always nicely fitting most interiors styles still !

These are classic real wood builds but modern colors are within the possibilities.

Timely revenue …

and customer satisfaction supplying a customer in time !

You easily understand the importance of a good supply chain securing customer satisfaction AND financial performance.

Fair goals …

and appropriate challenge drive performance !

Many companies push challenges too far, digging way too much into those “crucial” details, but what happens at the end ?

Not a guitar …

and even the very opposite if well designed !

Cabinet and internal cavity of a guitar are used to amplify and shape it’s sound character, the cabinet of a loudspeaker should absolutely not !

Loudspeaker technology has really seen little progress over time.

Most of the real progress was mainly made through fine-tuning of existing technology rather than any breakthrough revolution. Flat wire, neodymium magnets, etc.

Supply chain and customer satisfaction is all about solid processes !

The usual trap for organizations is to drop timely execution of routine tasks and customer communication during a crisis period.

Room influence really is THE major sound influencing factor at home.

Reflections heavily impact your listening experience … sound behaves like water put in movement and room reflections deteriorate your sound.

Various reactions occur when seeing one of these … it is just a beetle !

Mother nature provided us with a large variety of animals in all colors and shapes.

A new challenge in a very different business this time !

Hopefully allowing Preformed Line Products France (PLP) to cope with high and fast growth in this new business consultant assignment. Very different from micro-electronics !

Keeping things simple is the only way to keep your productivity high !

The usual trap of many companies is trying to be refreshingly new, exciting, trend driven.

Successful companies all share the fact they have solid order management in place !

They also document a series of key dates in their ERP system … dates that allow the supply chain to be measurable and thus … ready for continuous improvement, too.

A brief summary of my carreer includes roles in sales, supply chain, marketing and operations

Such roles usually at major global companies like Diversey INC, Motorola, ON Semiconductor, Freescale and NXP.

Mark Knopfler live performance at the Zenith in Paris ! That was June 3rd 2015.

A great surprise when my son Eef invited me. A wonderful birthday present I will never forget ! Knopfler also played one of my favorites “Telegraph Road”.

Attended The Eagles live in Antwerpen with my wife Catherine, my brother Ronald and his wife Reggie.

An excetional concert. We stayed over in an hotel in the center of Antwerpen to spend some good time the four of us.

Papa, a tremendous song performed by Stef Bos from his 1990 released album “Is Dit Nu Later”

This is one those songs that remind me of my father who died today. I drove from Paris trying to be in time to see him and talk a bit together before he would pass away

Pictured within, a tremendous song performed by Deep Purple.

Super concert featuring Miller Anderson performing vocals of this tremendous song in memory of Deep Purple’s organ player Jon Lord who died in 2012 at the age of 71.