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Business consulting …

powered by 35+ years of expertise in the electronics industry !

Expertise includes sales & account management, marketing & pricing, supply chain & operations.

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Revenue in time …

and customer satisfaction as a super bonus if you do this right !

You easily understand the importance of a good supply chain securing customer satisfaction AND financial performance.

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Simplicity …

the biggest productivity influencing factor as far as I am concerned !

We sometimes forget it though … and many companies share a somewhat silly or excessive need for trendy change.

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On time delivery …

heavily influences customer satisfaction i.e. constantly measure your delivery performance.

Usual measurement is actual delivery date versus customer requested date … and usually also against the promised supply date.

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Avoid this ?

Good communication is a proven and key productivity enabler !

It seems so obvious but good communication, and sharing of key information, seems to be an issue in many companies.

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