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Personal interests

They obviously are part of this site, and me … music, fun, pictures and some other things I hope you agree to be worthwhile sharing.

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Alpe d’Huez

In the french Alps, enjoying some vacation … spending a few weeks walking around a lot, this is a wonderful place to visit.

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Just a flower …

In front of our garden discovered by surprise … decided to take a picture as it looked so natural yet beautiful at the same time.

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Close to Utrecht, in the center of The Netherlands … on a flash visit to see our daughter Kim, her husband Laurens and grand-son Roy-Willem !

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A beetle

Various reactions occur when seeing one of these … it is just a beetle, mother nature provided us with a large variety of animals in all colors and shapes.

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Mark Knopler

A great surprise when my son Eef invited me to Mark Knopfler’s live performance at the Zenith in Paris ! A wonderful birthday present I will never forget !

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Invited by my brother Ronald and his wife Reggie, Catherine joined them to attend the Eagles live in Antwerpen for an exceptional concert and atmosphere.

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A tremendous song performed by Stef Bos from his 1990 released album “Is Dit Nu Later”. This is one those songs that remind me of my father who passed away September 5th, 2008.

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Pictured within

A tremendous song written by Deep Purple organ player Jon Lord who died in 2012. Super concert featuring Miller Anderson performing vocals in this concert.

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Holding Back The Years

Song by Simply Red from their album “Picture Book” … a fantastic song and story behind, one of my favorites that you can listen to here.

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Telegraph Road

A fantastic song written by Mark Knopfler for the Dire Straits album “Love Over Gold” … a great text behind the song and musically speaking just tremendous.

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