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Loudspeaker creation

All current products are individually designed and built, high performance loudspeakers offering unbeatable value for money … designs from timeless classic to very modern.

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Loudspeaker usages …

can vary a lot and are key to understand when developing !

Three typical usages area’s exist even though there are obviously many more.

Reworked classics …

but somehow always nicely fitting most interiors styles still !

These are classic real wood builds but modern colors are within the possibilities.

Not a guitar …

and even the very opposite if well designed !

Cabinet and internal cavity of a guitar are used to amplify and shape it’s sound character, the cabinet of a loudspeaker should absolutely not !

Loudspeaker technology has really seen little progress over time.

Most of the real progress was mainly made through fine-tuning of existing technology rather than any breakthrough revolution. Flat wire, neodymium magnets, etc.

Room influence really is THE major sound influencing factor at home.

Reflections heavily impact your listening experience … sound behaves like water put in movement and room reflections deteriorate your sound.

start of a lifetime passion

Philips BX350A tube radio owned by my grand parents.

That one somehow started it all. Taking the speaker out building a new “crate” to make it sound so much better (it felt).

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