top 100

August 03, 2019.

My most preferred songs in my music collection, you can listen here but not skip any of them.

This playlist will start with no-100 counting down to my absolute favorite no-1 of all times. It may change over time of course.

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Mark Knopfler Live

A great surprise when my son Eef invited me to attended Mark Knopfler’s live performance at the Zenith in Paris !

Telegraph Road @ Zenith Paris
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eagles in antwerpen

Ronald & Reggie, my brother and his wife, invited me and Catherine, my wife, to join them to attend an Eagles (hotel california) concert in Antwerpen, Belgium.

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Dire Straits

Telegraph Road … a fantastic song written by Mark Knopfler with a great text behind the song ! Originally on the Dire Straits “Love Over Gold” album.

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